9 Factors To Consider When Buying Marble Countertops

If I’m actually thinking about it, I love looking at publications and seeing marble in the kitchen area because I think it gives such an elegant and traditional feel to the area. 

I’m sharing a couple of reasons why I believe marble is the right option, plus a few other cons in case you are actually believing about if it’s the ideal fit for you at this time, and if you need stone and granite fabrication tools in Melbourne, check here for more details.

Marble countertops

The Type Of Finish

There are many innovations and ways to complete stone or marble surfaces.

You can get your marble brushed, refined, or polished to get your wanted finish.

A honed marble countertop has a finish that has a matte appearance, while the refined kind can provide you with a shiny surface.


Choosing your spending plan in advance will help you from regretting the costly impulsive purchase of marble later. All you need to do is decide the location that you have to floor or clad followed by whether you want to opt for slabs or tiles. 

You can likewise visit different marble vendors to have a look at the ongoing market prices, or you can likewise take the help of an architect/professional service.

Talk To The Experts

When it comes to choosing out the best piece of marble for your kitchen, talk To Experts– There were a number of concerns you may have. Not just inquiring about cos however likewise installation charges, what is the appropriate care of the marble, How will you be using the countertops? 

Do you have children or are they older so they understand not to use sharp things near or on the countertop?

Countertop Edge Considerations

Marble countertops have different edge profiles, which one can select from when buying your countertop slabs.

Dull alleviated edges that take the sharpness off the piece’s straight corners are typically ideal. The curvature on the corners of these marble pieces makes it difficult for your brittle pieces to chip.

Marble countertops are durable, heat-resistant, waterproof, and they can grace your countertop and island surfaces with great charm. The surface area of marble countertops doesn’t fade or get stained quickly.


Examining the quality of marble is of the utmost significance. The technique is to make sure that clear ringing noise is provided by the stone piece when struck and has a uniform colour without any spot.


The other aspect you ought to consider is where the stone is originating from. Due to the high need for marble, some unscrupulous company people try to pass phony marble as genuine.

For instance, they will take a white stone from china or any other part of the world and attempt to pass it as white marble from Calacatta. When making the purchase, constantly ask where the marble is from.


Marble can be found in a wide range of colours, consisting of white, gold, red, green, neutral, grey, and black. The veining significantly figures out the look of the piece. For an excellent appearance, pick a colour shade that resembles the walls and floor.

What Are Your Kitchen Requirements

When thinking of choosing this as your countertop, it’s likewise incredibly useful to have a concept of just how much countertop you will need as any needed measurements for your space that are not standards. 

By doing this, you can develop an estimate for each product and make contrasts.


Are there fractures on the countertops? Fractures are an indication that marble has actually been dropped or improperly dealt with.

A fissure is naturally occurring in the stone, and it does not alter the plane of the marble surface area.

When looking for the stone, carefully examine it and ensure that you don’t discard it, thinking it has fractured. When a marble piece has cracks, you can slide your nail throughout the fissure without it capturing.