Advantages & Disadvantages Of A Photocopier

Whether you see obtaining an office photocopier as a needed step up from desktop multifunction gadgets or see it as a huge financial investment that should accompany a particular level of sustained success, photocopiers can offer your business numerous advantages. That coin carries 2 sides, however, bringing negatives together with its positives. Which side remains uppermost depends on how you see the option to include a copier’s performance to your workflow. For Print & Photocopier Solutions, check this hyperlink.


Advantages Of A Copy Machine

Benefit & Flexibility

Owning or renting a photocopier allows you to keep your duplication procedures under your own roofing instead of taking products to a copy store, bring them back to your workplace and include them into a job or mailing. The extensive function sets you can find on today’s flexible, modular devices enable you to pick the abilities you want in a machine and even include on brand-new functions in a post-purchase upgrade. 

Because many copiers function as networked printers and can scan or email files, you may have the ability to decrease the variety of gadgets your office requires by the number of functions your copier offers. Photocopiers typically go beyond the resolution, output quality and speed of light-weight multifunction devices, consequently accelerating and boosting your work.


A Photocopier machine has the capability to make duplicates of paper at a very quick rate. Mainly they have the ability to produce 100 pages per minute. Even at this speed, copy machines are still economical.


Apart from photocopying, some copy machines can likewise act as a scanner and a laser printer. Considering that copy machines are equipped with all in one function, eventually, this can free up area in the office.

User friendly

Using a copy machine is the most reliable method of creating copies of documents. The user just has to turn on the device, put the paper and push a button.

Disadvantages Of A Copy Machine


While there are a number of variables that determine what it costs to print a file, the basic fact of the matter is that printing costs cash. While the toner or ink for a black-and-white page is regularly in the range of 1 to 2 cents, you also need to pay for paper and for the printer itself.

Ecological Concerns

Printers kill trees. Printers also take in a fantastic deal of power, with the fusers in laser printers consuming hundreds of watts when they run.

Print Quality

On plain workplace paper, inkjets usually produce the print quality that is more than sufficient for a lot of service tasks, although the text may be a little less crisp than laser printer output. For colour printing needs, inkjet printers usually show remarkable results.