Kids Lab Coats

childrens lab coatsChildrens lab coats, toddlers and elementary school kids, designed with comfort and durability in mind to keep youngsters dry and warm during the cooler months, summer and even around the holidays. Kid’s lab coat styles abound, like checkered, plaid, solid or checker plaid for boys; pique, stripes, plaid or checker plaid for girls; fun plaid for little boys and girls; crew, Hawaiian or animal prints for all. And, of course, for the parents lab coats are made from durable materials to make them last through many years of use. Kid’s lab coat colors include blue and green, checker green, lime green, pink, red, yellow, maroon and white. Some lab coats are reversible, allowing parents to choose plaid or solid for their baby’s coat. The right coat keeps your child comfortable and safe this summer.

Why need to you Kids Lab Coats?

Kids lab coats are usually easy to clean, because they have extra fabric in the corners to wick away moisture. Most designs are machine washable at home, but if you want to treat a jacket to a professional dry cleaner, it is recommended to avoid the machine and to handwash it. Towels and blankets should be clean on the inside and out, so as not to leave any surprises for your baby or toddler when they are out playing.

Lab coats for children, toddler and elementary school kids can be purchased at any department store and are usually priced competitively. Specialty stores carry a more diverse range of styles and are generally a better value. Online shopping is one of the best places to find a wide selection of children’s lab coats at discount prices. With online coupons and sales, you can save money on your next kid’s coat purchase.