Places To Go When Searching For Victoria BC Homes For Sale

First Place – Victoria BC Real Estate There is a three-storey Victorian house on the market, and it is known as the Adachi House. The seller is Kris Lindahl of Victoria BC Realtors, and the asking price is US$6.9 million. This exquisite property has been upgraded and provides the buyer with a gourmet kitchen, a spacious foyer, two bathrooms and a large garage. The house was built in 1937 and is listed as a heritage property. The Victoria real estate agent has taken care of all the required permits, and the broker reciprocity also makes the deal even sweeter!

Victoria Homes For Sale – How to Choose One

Victoria BC real estate Victoria is considered to be among the top Canadian cities, and has many of the things that are very attractive to residents. There are two major rivers that provide residents with their water supply, and these are the Bow River and the Fraser River. As you probably know, Victoria BC is a very large city and also one of the most populated in Canada. This is why it is so important that people move here, and Victoria BC real estate is a great investment opportunity for any smart investor. Here are just a few of the good-looking homes that can be found in this prime city of British Columbia:

Second Place – Victoria BC Realtors If you want to have a taste of old-fashioned luxury, then you might want to check out this three-storey house that was refurbished in 1998 and is now called the Carver House on East Cordish Road. It has an amazing swimming pool, two swimming pools, a gazebo and an excellent deck. Victoria BC real estate agents are known to have made a great deal on this property, and it is likely that it will sell fast once it goes on sale. The asking price is likely to be around US$6.9 million.