Being faced with a vast assortment of craft beers is a good problem to have. But what if you order that Belgian sour and it turns out it’s not for you? What if you fill up on that pale ale and leave no room for the smoked porter you’ve been eyeing?

The solution to all your issues is the taster paddle, which allows you to sample the greatest beers on offer until you locate the one you want to drink a second, and maybe a third, time.

Welcome to our beer-loving community! Whether you’re a seasoned beer drinker or just starting to discover the great world of craft brews, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll share our favourite beer-tasting experiences, recipes, and brewing advice, and expose you to the enthusiastic folks who make the beer we all love. So grab a cool one, sit back, and join us on our adventure to uncover the best beers the world has to offer. Cheers!

What Is A Beer Tasting Paddle?

A beer-tasting paddle is a tray made of wood or plastic that holds many small glasses of beer, each about 4-6 ounces. The glasses are positioned in a row on the paddle and are used for sampling and comparing different types of beer.

Tasting paddles are often used in brewpubs, breweries, and beer festivals and are a popular way for consumers to test a range of beers before making a decision on which to get a full glass of. 

Beer-tasting paddles, also known as beer flights or beer samplers, are made of wood or plastic and are used to carry individual beer glasses for sampling. The glasses, which hold between four and six ounces each, are lined up neatly on the paddle. A beer-tasting paddle is a handy tool for patrons to try out a few different beers before committing to a full glass of one.

Tasting paddles are standard equipment at beer festivals, brewpubs, and breweries. Beer sampling events are an entertaining way to learn about and try different brews. Many brewpubs have taster paddles with a variety of beers available to try, and the selection changes with each visit.

The waitress will pour a little bit of each beer onto a tasting paddle, and the customer can sample the beers in whatever order they like. Customers often get a short description of the type, alcohol content, and unique tastes and smells of each beer along with a sample.

Homebrewers can use beer-tasting paddles to show off their products to friends and family, while beer connoisseurs can use them to sample and evaluate a wide variety of brews.

The 5 Steps to Professional Beer Tasting

  1. Took a brief whiff and a glance.

When pouring beer, it’s crucial to use the right glassware to fully appreciate the beer’s flavour and aroma. As soon as it’s poured, bring the glass up to your nose and take a deep whiff. To get a feel for the beer’s flavour profile, it’s helpful to give it a quick “drive-by” smell.

Check the beer’s clarity and colour on the drive-by. Indicators of the beer’s flavour can be found in its hues. Dark beers have notes of burnt toast and coffee, whereas light or pale ales taste gritty.

  1. Give it a good whirl

Put your palm over the top of the glass and gently swirl the beer around. Doing so will let out the real smells, so you can get a stronger whiff. Doing so will let out the real smells, so you can get a stronger whiff. Inhale deeply after that.

  1. Insert the tip of your tongue into the beer’s opening and hold it there for a few seconds.

The beer’s complex flavours will come through more strongly this way. The more nuanced flavours, like cloves, citrus, caramel, coffee, or wood, can be picked out if you take your time.

  1. Swig it down your throat backwards.

In this way, you can get a sense of the beer’s flavour when you consume it regularly. You need to be able to tell whether a beer is acidic, salty, sweet, or bitter on a broad flavour scale. The beer will be served chilled, so wrap yourself warm. Beer refrigeration equipment at bars around the United States is typically made to keep beer at a temperature range of 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Cheers to the beer!

Soak up the sun and relax with that perfect beer in your hand; you’ve earned it after all that hard work.

Why Is There A Paddle For Beer Tasting?

A paddle is useful for tasting beer because it lets you taste several beers at once in a neat way. The beer glasses, which carry only four to six ounces each, can be lined up neatly on the paddle for simple comparison.

Customers can see exactly which beer they are sampling because of the paddle’s transparent design, which also serves as a visual aid. The paddle makes it easier for the server to not only pour and arrange the beers but also clean them up afterwards.

Customers who are new to beer tasting or who want to explore different styles and flavours without committing to a full glass of beer they might not like will benefit greatly from the use of a paddle for beer sampling.

Lastly, using a paddle improves the experience by making it more interactive, fun, and educational. This makes people more likely to try different beers and learn more about them.

Steps On Making Beer Tasting Paddle

Thinking of how the beer-tasting paddle is made. Here’s some assistance.

Instructions for constructing a paddle for sampling beer:

  • Collect all the necessary components.

In addition to a small pair of glasses, you’ll need a wooden board or paddle and a saw or jigsaw to shape the wood to your specifications. To make openings for the eyewear, you’ll also need a drill and a hole saw.

  • Remove the paddle or board’s fins.

You can trim the board or paddle down to size with a saw or jigsaw. The ideal length of the board or paddle is anywhere between 12 and 18 inches, though this will vary depending on the number of glasses you intend to use.

  • For the sake of your glasses, cut some holes in the plastic.

To make openings for the glasses, you can use a drill and hole saw. If you want to use a paddle or board, the holes should be uniformly spaced and somewhat larger than the glasses’ rims.

  • Paddle sanding and final assembly.

If the paddle or surfboard has any rough edges, sand them down with some sandpaper before applying a protective coating. To make the paddle look great, you can either seal it, stain it, or paint it.

  • Include the eyewear.

Put the eyewear through the openings and make sure it fits securely.

  • Put the beer-tasting paddle to good use.

Now you can use your beer-sampling paddle. It’s perfect for serving and sampling beer in any setting, from the comfort of your own home to a brewpub or brewery.

Note: Wear safety equipment, including goggles and earplugs, whenever you work with power tools. In addition, check to see that the glasses are a snug fit in their respective holes and won’t slip out during use.


A beer sampling paddle is a tiny tray made of wood or plastic that holds a variety of sampler glasses of beer (usually 4-6 ounces each) so that customers can try a few before committing to a full glass. It’s a staple at beer festivals, brewpubs, and breweries. You can make a beer-tasting paddle with a few simple tools and supplies.

Following the aforementioned instructions, you can make your beer-tasting paddle for use at home, in a brewpub, or even in your brewery. Wishing you the best of luck with your brewing endeavours!

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